[Author notes]

Hello I am Orihalium, and this is the intro to a thought experiment I wanted to run. Or more accurately something to give me more exp with writing fiction so I can finally finish a story I have hidden away in the confines of google docs. A bit of a warning I am unskilled in the ways of writing and spend most of my free time reading Light novels and the like, so don’t expect a work of Shakespeare. My friend helped me with the editing so it should read better now.


I never wanted to be a hero.

A man in his early 20’s stands alone in a dark cave. His naturally unruly hair now matted with blood. What remains of his armor and clothing are beyond repair. In his battered right hand He holds a broken flail, while his left is maimed to the point of uselessness. The corpses that surround his body are indistinguishable between friend or foe. Blood pools at his feet. Tears flow from his lifeless grey eyes.

I never wanted to be a hero.

“Oh?” Says a soft voice. The man turns his head towards the source voice. About twenty feet in the stagnant air he sees a young girl dressed in flowing black robes, her pointed ears stood out against her long purple hair. She looked down on this hero, her light blue eyes piercing though his entire existence. One might describe her as cute if not for her the malevolent aura.

She smiles while baring her teeth and says  “Looks like you reached your end, Hero.”

“So I have…” his said, his voice cracking, burdened by emotion. “Please, make it quick.”

“Wait… no last requests? No final surge of energy to kill me? You’re just giving up?” Her expression quickly changes to confusion.

“There’s no point, everyone else is gone. Humanity can no longer oppose you.”

“Hmm? Is that so? Then I shall make this quick.” She pauses while gathering a massive amount of light around her outstretched hand. “Farewell hero… SHATTERED STAR!!” Suddenly an intense beam of light shoots from her hand, engulfing the hero.

Just before being swallowed up by the blast of light, a weak smile forms on the hero’s lips as he whispers, “Such a fool…”

The bright light subsides. The hero sits cross legged on the mossy floor of the cave. His attire has changed completely. Rather than wearing armor he is dressed in dark blue robes and a matching wide-brimmed hat. The cavern was no longer filled with death, but instead now practically empty. The pools of blood and piles of corpses have vanished. In front of the hero lay the unconscious body of the young girl in black robes. Around her left wrist is a black band embedded with small white gemstones.

This girl is a daemon-possessed. A daemon is a benign spirit of nature. The daemon-possessed occur when a living creature bound to these nature spirit. Once possessed the creature gains greater reserves of mana, enhanced physical capabilities, and greatly extended lifespan. This fusion is not always perfect though, some possessions leave empathetic vulnerability to negative emotions.

The hero observes the girl with a blank expression. Fatigue and relief wash over him as he reaches into to his right sleeve pulling out a sandwich. Well that was more exhausting than predicted, he thinks while he takes a bite. The hero supports himself as he leans back to examine the stalactites. A small bead of water forms above the girl. It eventually falls on to the girl’s exposed forehead. The she shivers before she slowly opens her eyes and wipes off the droplet. She lets out a small yawn before looking at the hero.

“So you’re up, Hungry?” The hero asks the the girl nonchalantly as he pull an apple out of the sleeves of his robe.

Sleep still fogging her mind, she accepts the food presented to her and sits down by the hero. Recognition dawns on her as she looks at the face of the hero. Dropping the apple she scrambles back. Her gaze sharpens on the hero “You did well to survive, but no matter as I, Noire, Empress of Darkness won’t make the same mistake twice.” She jumps about a foot and a half off  the gound as she yells, “SHATTERED STAR!!”

The hero only smiles at her. There is no fear in his eyes A tiny spark of light emits from her hand, then *pfft* it goes out leaving behind only a small trail of smoke. “Eehhh!?”  Her confusion only continues to grow as gravity brings her back to the ground. Not expecting this, the girl trips backwards as she lands. “W-what’s going on.” Panic creeps in to her voice.

Amused by her performance, he responds, “It’s quite simple, oh great and powerful Empress Of Darkness.” His tone darkens as he stands up and moves towards the fallen girl, “You lost. Your power is gone.”

The hero exudes a crimson light as a shifting dark mass forms behind him. He steps closer the mass gets larger, a sickly yellow eye appears atop it. It stares at Noire hungrily. The girl backs away; fear distorting her youthful face as the hero moves closer. In front of her stood a being that defied common sense.

“S-S-STAY AWAY” Noire screams as she attempts to flee. She makes it passed the nearest stalagmite as a stout, grey skinned man strikes her at back of the neck, knocking her out cold. He catches her as she falls. The Hero shifts his gazes on the man. the hero chuckles seeing a dwarf carring a girl about his height. this dwarf is part of a subrace called the druegar. Druegar like all dwarves are well versed in art of smithing, crafting, and other similar professions; but unlike their brethren druegar have innate healing powers and tend to be a bit more civil with other races.

“You really need to work on your social skills Emmett.” Criticizes the druegar, then pointing at the monstrosity behind the hero “A hero shouldn’t go around scaring little girls with such petty illusions.”

“I was within my rights, Orion.”  The hero Emmett responds, “She attacked first; it was self-defense.”

Orion raises a brow, “Oh, and how might she do that with that inhibitor on? You really don’t act much like a hero.”

“Nope.” Emmett says smiling, “Can you imagine me clad in armor, sword in hand, running around smiting evil were ever I can find it?”

The dwarf pauses then, while stifling a chuckle, he says, “I can, and it’s hilarious.”